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a glimpse into st cheap nike air max 90 jordans for men udent life at Lethbridge College There are a number of ways to raise money for a cure for any type of illness. I'm sure everyone has noticed through advertisements that we are now entering into Movember (previously called November) which aims to make people more aware of prostate cancer and to raise money towards fighting it. I am always driven to support any initiatives I can, however in this case it'd be difficult to grow a mustache so instead a few friends and I decided we'd still sport mustaches to show our support. The following image includes my friends and me getting ready for class, mustaches and all. I know a lot of women don't look forward to the thick beard Jordan shop online jordans for men s that a lotof men start sprouting in the month of Movember but remember it's worth it if it's being done for a cause. Last year in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, my brother Timothy raised approximately $2,000 by growing and then shaving his mustache and will repeat his efforts again this year hopefully raising even more money. Contributions towards Prostate cancer through the support of Movember tallied at $176 million in 2010 jordans for men and those funds are divided amongst the education of men's health and a large portion towards prostate cancer research and survivor support programs more information about their efforts can be found on their website li jordan store jordans for men nked below. Their goal: "We will get men to grow moustaches by creating an innovati jordan shoes store online jordans for men ve, fun and engaging annual Movember campaign that raises funds and awareness globally."Did you know? In 2011 there will be more cases of prostate cancer diagnosed than breast cancer and Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in young men in Canada between the ages of 15 29. "Changing the face of men health begins with starting a simple conversation" talk to your doctor. The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. Scott In September, we receive our student loans, grants, or scholarships and life is good! There seems to be enough money to balance your life from getting groceries, going out on the weekend, checking out a movie, or going for a shopping day at the mall. In October, you tend to notice all that money you had is slowly disappearing faster than you can keep track of. One minute you were living the dream with all your cash and now it gone and you don where it went! It is a big concern for students. We have sacrificed the job and the cashin hopes that one day college will pay for itself and the information we gained here will help us find an even better job and even better cash. We are willing to be broke, live in mediocre homes and eat Kraft Dinner every night all for that piece of paper that will help us succeed in life. Rob Broadhead is the VP Finance of the LCSA and his mission this year is to help students budget, save, and earn money in ways they never even thought possible while in school. I would encourage you to come down to the LCSA office to chat with him if you have any questions or concerns at CE1350. Top Ten list on How to Avoid Money Worries while Enrolled in College! Make a list of your expenses on one side of the paper and then your income coming in on the other side. Being aware of how you spend your money can also show you where you could be saving, such as cutting down on coffees or making your own sandwiches. Many students have a student loan, it will arrive in chunks at the start of each semester. If you have been working in the summer holidays before you start college, you will have a lump sum at the start of the year. It can be a good idea to put the money to cover your rent fees into a separate account that you don touch on a day to day basis. That way you know how much you have left to spend for the rest of the semester. It good to have a job while in school, but don work too hard! Experts say that while in school you should not be exceeding 15 hours a week of part time work to have a healthy balance in your life. The College has many resources for you including Finance, the LCSA, and scholarships and awards. Your LCSA Dayplanner is full of coupons to help you out. Look for store flyers, shop on 15% Tuesday every little bit helps! Eating out isn cheap learning how to cook and eat at home will save you money and inches on your waistline! 7. Turnitems you don needinto Cash! Have something you never use? Try selling it on Kijiji or Ebay! If you don want to keep your textbooks at the end of the semester try selling them to other students or in Centre Core on listed days! You will be offered student overdrafts, student credit cards and student storecards but think carefully before you accept any of them. A low interest overdraft can be a useful tool to help stretch thesemester money, but watch the fees and the interest rate. A 0% credit card can also be useful for paying off big ticket items or short term borrowing, but don keep money on it for longer than the 0% offer lasts you will be hammered with interest. Bank online, read your statements, look at receipts, save yourchange in a jar, compare prices in the supermarket and don take out more than you need from the cash machine 10. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses I hope you can utilize these tips as much as possible hopefully they will send your money worries away! This summer I had the opportunity to see an incredible motivational speaker in Edmonton. Her name is Merge Gupta Sunderji and she wrote a book called 'Why Does the Lobster Cast Off Its Shell?" In her lecture she discussed how over time people lose their creativity and if we look at the dreams, ambitions and nature of a child we can see their creativity. Where is ours? A suggestion Merge offered was to connect with your inner child and do things that are creative or something that is out of the norm for you. For instance, doodle or colouring a picture (please don't do this in class or at work), play a childhood game, drive home using a different route or do something really crazy and sleep on the other side of the bed. All of these things will offer a change in perception. Another way we can get in touch with our creative side is to dress up for Halloween. I think everyone should dress up. I have had so much fun dressing up for the last twenty six years and I don't plan on stopping. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Halloween. I encourage everyone to have some fun and dress up this year and if you don't want to at least think back to your favourite costume. My favourite was one I made a few years ago; "The Easy Button Super Hero." The costume was complete with a red cape, red leg warmers and the "easy" button. So maybe I should have really emphasized the super hero part so that there were no misconceptions but it wasentertaining none the less. Last year B93 was asking for people to call in with their best male costume idea and they'd walk away with a gift card. So I decided to put on my bravest radio voice and called in to suggest he wears a black outfit and attach Barbie dolls all over his clothes and call himself a 'Chick Magnet.' I made $20 and made them laugh so I think it was a success. When going out for Halloween always plan a safe ride home, luckily Lethbridge is small so sharing a taxi with your friends doesn't cost too much. Please leave me a message and let me know what your all time favourite costume is/was even if it wasn't one you personally wore. This morning I was reading the online version of The Globe and Mail as I usually do. I admit, I a bit of a news junkie. I attribute this to my desire to know what is happening around our country and around the world. Today I read something which made me sick.

A gold bangle a day lands man in police net cheap nike air max 90 jordans for men The practice of maintaining daily sales r jordan shoes store online jordans for men ecord helped a jewellery shop owner uncover a theft and land the culprit in the police net. The accused, an employee of the jewellery store, was arrested last week. On Tuesday, the police recovered 417 sovereigns of gold jewellery, a car and two bikes. The seizure is estimated to be worth Rs. 82 lakh. He took advantage of the positioning of the CCTV cameras all of them focused only on customers in the shop, and stole pieces of jew jordan store jordans for men ellery every day, for nearly two years. He also made fake entries in the daily sales record book. took home a gold bangle every evening. As the staff members were not body checked at the end of the day, he managed to escape with the loot. Also, since he had been working at the jordans for men shop for nine years, no one suspected him, said a police officer. But Bhaskar luck ran out last Monday when 44 year old Sibi Joseph, owner of the shop, checked the record books and found a mismatch between sales and stock. He found around 3.5 kg of gold jewellery missing. Mr. Joseph filed a complaint with the Kilpauk police. When Bhaskar heard of it, he went on leave raising more suspicion. When the police interrogated him, Bhaskar confessed to the crime. stole the jewellery to buy a car. He also gifted some of the ornaments to his girlfr Jordan shop online jordans for men iend. Part of the loot was recovered from her house, said another police officer.

A good day to shop whatever the reason Other shoppers were busy scouring for sales, exchanging gifts or redeeming gi jordan store jordans for men ft cards. The day after Christ jordan shoes store online jordans for men mas has become one of the big holiday shopping days, marking the beginning of retailers' weeklong last hurrah before they close their books for the year. Eager to shed inventory, many retailers are offering broad clearance sales and discounts on select merchandise. Still, some shoppers on Sa cheap nike air max 90 jordans for men turday said they jordans for men were disappointed by the sales. For Susan Murray and Stacy Burns, sisters who live in Gorham, shopping on Dec. 26 is a family tradition. Normally, they would begin shopping at dawn, but this year they couldn't muster much enthusiasm and arrived late in the morning. They explained that retailers this year aren't offering the deep discounts they had offered in years past. Their new strategy: "We're going to wait a couple of days to see if the prices come down," Susan Burns said. Indeed, patience the ability to delay gratification appeared to be a common attribute among many shoppers Saturday. Industry studies have shown t Jordan shop online jordans for men hat about 10 percent of shoppers postpone their Christmas shopping until right after Christmas to take advantage of sales. One of those self denying shoppers, Homer McLemore of Windham, has been watching the prices of flat screen television sets for the past three Christmases. He has yet to buy one, and still uses his old tube TV. On Saturday, he came to the mall again to compare prices of the flat screen sets at Best Buy and at Sears. Although prices haven't dropped as much as he had hoped for, he figures the prices are now about as low as they are going to be for a while. "I've had it on waiting," he said. Many of those who come to the mall to redeem gift cards or return gifts end up spending money on new stuff. Last year, the day after Christmas emerged as the second biggest holiday shopping day of the year, after Black Friday, according to ShopperTrak, which analyzes retail trends. Overall, the week after Christmas typically accounts for about 15 percent of holiday sales as shoppers with gift cards hit the local malls. For those who plan ahead, the deep discounts on Christmas inventory is an opportunity to get a head start on next Christmas. Sue Mason, a retired school teacher, bought Christmas cards, ornaments, tags and wrapping paper at Michaels on Payne Road, which was selling its holiday inventory at 60 percent off. Just how organized is she? Mason notates all her purchases in a "Christmas journal," which contains a record of all of her holiday purchases since 1966.